Frequently Asked Questions

See the answers to some of our most common questions about our events.


When should I have my cigar bar scheduled?

Typically, we are asked to show up during the last two hours of a wedding. It’s a great way to end the night! Also, we have been asked to come in during cocktail hour. We do whatever is best for you!

What type of events do you do?

We can bring the ultimate cigar experience to just about any event. Retirement parties, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, and much more. Contact us today for more info!

Can I ask for specific cigars?

Absolutely! We can cater to your needs. Prices will vary.

How long does the cigar bar service last?

We service you and your guests for 2 hrs. If you are looking for a longer service…not a problem! Just ask!

What if I have more than 50 guests?

That is ok too! Please fill out the form and we will figure out the details together.

How large of a festival will you do?

We can be successful at any size festival. If you are looking to offer a unique cigar experience to your festival attendees please fill out the form above and we will reach out to you ASAP.

How many cigars do you provide?

You can select the type and quantity of cigars during the booking phase. Each package includes 30 cigars and there is an additional charge for more.

How does this work?

We will attend your festival and set up a table where we sell a carefully curated selection of cigars to your attendees.

What is a "cigar roller"?

Our cigar roller will provide an amazing experience for even your non-tobacco smoking guests. Learning and witnessing the long held art of cigar rolling is an amazing experience for anyone! Your wedding guests will surely love it!

What type of festivals do you do?

We can do just about any festival, October fest’s, Beer Festivals, Food Festivals, and much more. Fill out the form above to let us know about your festival today.

The Mobile Cigar Lounge is certified as a Whisk(e)y and Tobacco Ambassador.


Satisfied Couples, Incredible Hosts, and Loving Guests

"I am always looking for ways to “level up” my private events. The Mobile Cigar Lounge knocked it out of the park and exceeded every expectation I had of what they may bring to the (cigar rolling...) table! "

Josh Buchter